After initially contacting a family to introduce myself the next step is usually to arrange a home visit at a convenient time within the next few days to discuss the content for the service. There are no rules as to what should or shouldn't be included to achieve a meaningful commemoration of a person's life however key elements usually included are:-

Welcome and Opening Words


Personal Tributes

Music (hymns, alternatives or both)

Farewell Words

Closing Words


Crematoriums usually contain facilities for funeral ceremonies, such as a chapel. They often provide display screens for photo or video tributes and most are also able to offer a live web link to relatives or friends who are unable to attend the ceremony.


A burial service can take place entirely at the graveside or initially in a chapel with the mourners moving on to the graveside for the committal part of the service.


Natural green burial grounds set in secluded peaceful locations are becoming a more popular choice as a final resting place. 


There is more flexibility over a funeral ceremony as to where and when a memorial service can be held, with many options available should this be something appropriate for you.


I can help to put together a ceremony for the interment or scattering of cremated remains whether this is weeks, months or even years after the funeral service. There are a lot of options to take into consideration and there is no time limit. You can take as long as you need to decide about where to inter or scatter your loved ones remains, should this be the right decision for you. You may wish to do something privately with family or friends or something more formal such as burying the remains in a cemetery or garden of remembrance. Some families find it comforting to do this on the anniversary of a significant date in their loved one's life. 


A memorial service can take place immediately following a cremation or burial but are usually held days, weeks or even months later. With a memorial service, which is usually similar to a funeral service, there is more flexibility over where and when the event is held. A benefit of a memorial service is that you might be able to accommodate more of those wishing to attend, especially if held on a weekend rather than during the week. Another advantage is that there are no time constraints and a memorial service can therefore last longer than ceremonies are often limited to in crematorium chapels.

As memorial services often involve more people attending it is an opportunity for more people to contribute and ceremonies usually have more of a celebratory and upbeat feel to them. With many people now choosing to have a direct cremation, memorial services are becoming more popular as they still give the opportunity for people to come together to share memories and to celebrate a person's life. I can work with you to help you to decide what suits the service best and suggest elements that would work for such an occasion.

Looking to the future


I can work with you to capture the elements of your own life that you would like to be included in your funeral ceremony and to put together a service to leave for your family. This can be as detailed as you wish it to be including content such as your Eulogy (life story/tribute), the music you would like to be played and any poems or readings that you would like to be read. At a hugely stressful time for your family it would help them feel confident that they are giving you the send off they know you would have wanted. 


It is easy to underestimate how deeply we can mourn the loss of a pet which has brought companionship and devotion throughout their lives. Their loss can bring real grief and honouring a pet's memory can bring comfort to owners and families. I can help to write and deliver a ceremony for a beloved pet's burial or interment of cremated remains, giving time for reflection and the opportunity to give thanks for the special part they played in your life.